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Trade derivatives on the Shares of 150+ global companies and 100 large-cap Stocks CFDs across the ASX, NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges with low margin requirements and costs exclusively at RRR Capital platform. Reap the benefits of seamless trading with a regulated, award-winning broker.

What is Share Trading?

Share trading is the acquisition and selling of company stock – or company stock-related financial instruments – with the expectation of earning a profit. Shares reflect a part of a public company’s capital and constitute its equity or market cap. Trading derivatives on shares provide investors with the incentive to trade shares in the company and conceivably profit from price volatility without possessing the underlying asset. Derivatives have enabled traders to access the market in a more cost-efficient and timely manner.

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How does Share CFD Trading work?

Usually, shares are exchanged in a stock market, without leveraging. You will not purchase the product itself when you enter into a CFD trade, but rather agree to a settlement with the broker to cover the interest gap between the stock’s entry and withdrawal price. Stock CFDs can be sold with leverage, even over-the-counter. Participants can access individual enterprise stocks, build positions in an individual enterprise or a specific economic sector. Share CFDs have grown in popularity in recent years.


With CFDs, shares can be traded as quickly as you purchase them, enabling you to take advantage of price fluctuations even in a declining economy. More pertinently, because you don’t purchase the investment product you can get up to 20:1 leverage, allowing you to take a major stake with a modest investment. Leverage, of course, can boost your losses and your gains considerably.

Advantages of Trading Shares with Septa FX

Septa FX has everything you need to have a smooth and enjoyable stock-trading experience. Enjoy stock trading with Septa Fx cutting-edge technologies.

Septa FX stock index CFD offers traders the obligation to acquire CFD products with a single click in the world’s biggest corporations like Apple, Facebook or BHP Billiton. We have mentioned the world’s most prevalent stocks to offer you the best trading prospects.


With our CFD Stock Trading, you can seamlessly purchase and sell shares among others in major corporations listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange, without any fees or limitations inherent in traditional stock trading.


At SeptaFX you can access a range of powerful trading platforms that enable you to instantaneously trade from live graphs and data sets with global macro-themes and set a variety of orders, stops, limits to evaluate your investment strategy. On the very same screen as your forex and commodity trades, you can evaluate and trade your index funds as well.


Low Spreads

Fast Execution

Strong Liquidity

Competitive Commission

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There is no 3rd party bridges and no auto account syncs when you trade withSepta FX. We offer maximum features to upgrade your MetaTrader 5 trading experience.