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Commodities Trading

Factors like economic, political & environmental influence Commodities such as Copper, Coffee and Sugar. These commodities can be traded like a currency pair against the USD or as a Futures CFD.

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What are Commodities?

A commodity is a product used in an enterprise or on a market. That product must meet requirements and grades when trading on a stock exchange.


They may be slightly different but, in the end, they’re the same among all manufacturers. Commodity markets are tempting to investors because they are vulnerable to dramatic supply and demand shifts. Various factors like supply and demand balance, inflation rates, stock & inventories can affect the prices of commodities and contribute to their fluctuation significantly. There are three distinct forms of commodities, energies, precious metals & soft commodities.

Hard Commodities

It applies to commodities that are produced by mining such as gold, other precious metals, diamonds and gasoline along with other energies.

Soft Commodities

It applies to things which are produced in contrast to mine. Agricultural goods like wheat, coffee, sugar, corn and more for instance. These instruments are produced by farmers and are highly susceptible to environment and weather shifts, and have seasonal driven cyclical market trends.

Why Trade Commodities with Septafx?

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Vast Range

Join the world’s No. 1 CFD provider at Septafx & trade on a vast range of metals, energies and soft commodities like Coffee, Sugar and Cotton.

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Premium Liquidity

Enjoy trading at Septafx, we are working hard to combine liquidity from various channels to offer you a variety of global commodities with the best costs.

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Superior Risk Management

At Septafx we offer you with superior risk management tools to handle your positions even in challenging times.

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Trade on Margin

Trade CFDs to gain full exposure & enter the market with only a fraction of the total trade size because with leverage comes increased risk.

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Instantaneous Execution

Analyse the market with our sophisticated technical metrics, and trade instantly through our platforms with no limitations and no requotes.

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Professional Guidance

At Septafx experience online, exclusive trading webinars with our professional guidance to develop your Commodities Trading strategy.


Septafx facilitates the trading of energy products from the MetaTrader 5 platforms against the US Dollar. Trading energy products as a spot instrument has several benefits for investors engaged only in market speculation. The spot price is calculated as a variation of the futures market for the first and second nearby month.

This form of pricing reduces uncertainty. Septafx offers trading energy products like Crude oil, Brent, and Natural Gas with a benefit of free trading without controlling the individual money. It helps you to compete flexibly against market fluctuations without needing to purchase or sell the individual product.

Soft Commodities

In addition to energy and metal products, we offer a range of soft commodity products at Septafx for trading as CFDs – all with low spreads and up to 1:100 leverages. Unlike mining, soft commodities are the items that are produced. For instance, agricultural products such as wheat, coffee, sugar, corn and more. These instruments are produced by farmers and are highly vulnerable to shifts in the environment and weather, and have seasonal driven cyclical market trends.

Precious Metals

Gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium have been well recognized and precious since the dawn of time, the justification for their high value is because of their rareness. They are costly, hard to mine and appreciated by industries and investors alike. In today’s trading world, profit from a commodity, such as gold, can be gained without having to own the metal physically. Septafx enables seamless online trading of gold, silver, and other precious metals. Consider starting with your leading regulated broker to trade in metals and leverage the benefits that we offer.