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Enter one of the most popular commodity markets in the world with oil trading. Trade oil online with Septa Fx Global Limited, using flexible leverage and competitive spreads.

Why Trade Oil Online with Septa Fx?

When you trade oil with Septa Fx Global Limited, you’re not buying any physical oil. Instead, you’re simply trading on the real-time price movements of the commodity. Discover the advantages of trading oil online with Septa Fx Global Limited.
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1:500 Leverage

Trade oil CFDs at the right level for you, with leverage up to 1:500

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Low Margin

Open oil trades with required margin as little as 2%

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Zero Commission

Deposit and withdraw freely with $0 commission

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No Brokerage Fees on Standard Accounts

Trade without brokerage fees on all Standard Septa Fx global Limited accounts

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Trusted CFDs broker

60,000+ traders in over 100 countries trust us with their trades

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Fast Execution and Competitive Spreads

Enjoy super competitive spreads with ultra fast execution speed

Start Trading Oil Online Today

1. Open a free live trading account
2. Add funds by depositing into your account
3. Monitor the market and choose the oil CFD you want to trade

Find out more about how to trade oil with Septa Fx global Limited or discover the right trading account type for you: standard, pro or swap-free trading account.

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Open an Septa FX Trading Account

Product Margin Per System Lot Average Spread Trading Hours & Timing = GMT + 2

UK Crude (Cash)

100 $ Per System Lot 0.24 Monday 03:00 - Friday 00:00 (Mon - Thurs Break: 00 :00- 03:00)

US Crude (Cash)

100 $ Per System Lot 0.24 Monday 03:00 - Friday 00:00 (Mon - Thurs Break: 00 :00- 03:00)

What are the Different Oil CFDs to Trade?

Explore the difference between trading oil cash CFDs and futures CFDs with Septa Fx global Limited.

Oil cash CFDs: The oil cash price means the trading of oil ‘on the spot’. In other words, the buyer pays for the oil immediately, at the current market price.

Oil futures CFDs: The oil futures price means the buyer and seller agree in a contract to exchange a given amount of oil at an agreed-upon price at a future date. This contract is done on an exchange that acts as a third-party verifier.

What is Oil Trading?

Oil trading is the buying and selling of different types of oil related instruments, with the hope of generating a profit.

Often referred to as “black gold”, oil is a vital global commodity, with crude oil featuring as a basic ingredient in many different industries, including electricity, plastics, cosmetics, transportation, pharmaceuticals and petroleum. Because of its importance in global commerce, many industries monitor the price of oil very closely and also actively trade in the oil market. This gives the oil market a high level of volatility.

Find out more about how oil trading works.

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MT5 VPS Hosting

Increase reliability and ensure your trades are never disrupted by subscribing to an MT5 Forex VPS hosting service for 24/7 connectivity. Enjoy Uninterrupted and reliable VPS Service with Septa Fx.

Trading Tools

Trade more diligently with the help of the trading tools offered by Septa Fx such as Economic Calendar, Daily Market Analysis, Trading Calculators like Pip Calculator and Pivot Calculator.

Discover More Markets to Trade with Septa Fx global Limited?

Choose from a variety of global markets to trade with Septa Fx global Limited, using ultra
competitive spreads & flexible leverage to trade your edge.







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Oil Trading FAQs

There are two main types of risk associated with oil trading. The first is risk associated with trading itself. Oil is a commodity that is traded on futures markets and offers a high degree of leverage. Using high levels of leverage can be risky as there is potential to lose more than what you have deposited. Traders should apply robust risk management strategies whenever leverage is being considered.

The second key risk is associated with oil. Because it is a commodity and the price is greatly influenced by wider supply and demand factors, oil prices can be volatile. For example, a political decision or change in environmental policy can cause the price of oil to drop suddenly.
The oil trading market is split up into two trading sessions: Brent crude oil and West Texas oil.

The trading hours for Brent crude oil are Mon – Fri 01:00 – 22:59 GMT.

The trading hours for West Texas oil are Sun – Fri 18:00 – 16:59 EDT.
Septa Fx global Limitedl offers extremely competitive variable spreads, with spreads changing throughout the day. To experience how spreads work in real-time, open a free demo account where you can practice your trading using virtual funds.

The initial margin rate starts at 2% for oil cash CFDs and futures CFDs.

Septa Fx global Limited standard accounts have no fees and no commissions. Pro accounts charge a small commission of USD 3.50 per lot ($7 round trip) in conjunction with having lower spreads. For more details and the latest pricing, please refer to our product schedule.

Septa Fx global Limited runs a 24 hour Client Services and trading desk 5 days a week, starting from 08.00 am AEST (00.00 server time) Monday morning and ending at 08.00 am AEST on Saturday morning.


You can call Client Services on our toll-free number 1300 888 936 (Australia). International callers, please phone +612 9965 5830. Alternatively, you can use our live chat facility during the same period.